Lessons / Training Rides

Training rides: (including grooming) $35
Beginner lessons (private) - 1 hour. 30 minutes mounted and remainder learning handling, grooming, tacking, untacking. An assistant may assist the student with the unmounted portion.  $55
Private lesson (school horse) – 40-45 minutes $60
Private lesson (own horse) – 40-45 minutes $50
Group lesson (school horse) – 1 hour $55
Group lesson (own horse) – 1 hour $45

Lesson/Training Ride Details

Lessons must be paid monthly for a 4 week period by the 1st of each month. In months with 5 weeks, there will be no additional charge for the 5th lesson. This will accommodate for the rare times when a student has to miss their scheduled time. In cases of inclement weather where riding is not possible (thunderstorms), riders will have unmounted horsemanship lessons inside. These will cover important topics to the rider’s continued success and development that we do not typically have time or opportunity to cover in our normal lesson structure. 

Lessons missed or canceled for any reason must be made up within the current month. Lessons canceled with less than 24 hour notice may not be made up.

Students who choose not to pay their lessons monthly will accrue a $5 per lesson “pay as you go” fee. These lessons should be paid for on the date of service.

Riders who pay monthly will have their designated riding times reserved for them and will receive first choice of available lesson times, shows, and special events.

Students should plan to arrive one half hour before their lessons to properly groom and prepare their horse and be in the ring at their scheduled lesson time. This will ensure they receive their entire instructional time. They should plan to stay 30 minutes after their lesson to thoroughly untack and groom their mount and care for and put away all tack. Beginner lesson students need not arrive early and should come at their scheduled time.

*No rider may jump any obstacle outside of a supervised lesson. Single poles on the ground is the only exception. This is for the safety of all riders and their mounts, as well as their continued positive growth and development. No exceptions.


Full board: Includes feeding/watering, high-quality grain/hay, shavings, stall cleaning, turn-out (weather permitting), blanketing (when necessary). $700
Full board + lessons: Full board plus 2 lessons per week (8 per month). $1050
Half training board: Full board plus 3 professional training sessions per week (12 per month). Includes grooming. $1050
Full training board: Full board plus 5 professional training sessions per week (20 per month). Includes grooming $1200
Full training board: Full board plus 2 lessons and 2-3 professional training sessions per week. Includes grooming and basic upkeep (mane pull/trim). $1400

*We are always happy to tailor individualized training packages to best accommodate each horse/rider to reach their personal goals and maximize their development.

**Supplements will be given but must be supplied by the owner.


Transport: Local transport within 40 miles (Fiesta, Noah's Ark, Penrose, Select Sporthorses, Sonny Brooke, Stone Gate). $50
Transport: Long distance transport (Anchor Way, ETHJA Finals, Emory and Henry, Fox Hollow, Walnut Grove, and rated shows). $1.25 PLM*

*PLM – Per Loaded Mile (round trip)

**2 horse minimum on all hauls. Separate pricing for single horse dependent upon location.

***Discount to $1/loaded mile for long distance hauling when 3 or more horses are attending.

Coaching / Show Prep: Local shows $55 / DAY
Coaching / Show Prep: Rated shows $75 / DAY
Lunge $15/session
School by the trainer - ride or warm up trip $30
Showing by the trainer - (includes warm-up trip) $40 / Class
$60 / Division

*Coaching fees are per horse/rider combination.


Local shows $30 / DAY
$50 / 2 DAYS
Rated shows $50 / DAY

SHOW LEASE OF LESSON HORSE (per division/day)

*For those riders not owning their own mount. Based on the division for local shows. For rated shows, please speak to a trainer for a quote.

Leadline $15
Ground rails $25
Mini-crossrails $30
Beginner rider / 18" $35
2' divisions $45
2' - 6" divisions $55

Show fees, boarding (show) fees, etc. are the responsibility of the person showing, to be paid directly to the show. At rated shows, please bring separate checks for entry fees and braiding.

Services beyond basic daycare will be billed separately (bandaging, poultice, unbraiding, etc.)

Travel and hotel fees for the trainer (overnight shows), along with tack stall fees, will be split between the clients showing.


Basic groom $15
Bath $20
Main pull $25
Hand walking: (30 minutes) $15 / session
Holding horse for vet/farrier $10 / time
Administer medication: (owner provided) $3 / time
Cold hose injury: (15 minutes) $10 / session
Wrap/poultice legs: (owner provided supplies) $10
Unbraiding $15 / time
Sheath clean $25
Basic clip: (Face, legs) $15
Body clip: Plus the cost of bath $150 / pony
$175 / pony
Tack cleaning: (saddle, bridle, girth) $25

Buying/selling/leasing: 10% trainer commission ($500 minimum) plus travel costs (if applicable)

Any sedation necessary will be added at cost plus 10% service charge.

Long-term injury care will be tailored for each horse when necessary.